SEG Technology

seg-detailSEG, or Silicone Edge Graphics, is:

  • A high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic finished with a thin silicone strip.
  • The strip is then inserted into a frame with a recessed groove.
  • Fabric becomes taut, like a drum, when installed in the frame.
  • The result is a large format graphic.

Why SEG?

Cost: More image bang for the buck!

Lightweight: Larger graphics weigh less, perfect for draping or creating space definition.

Graphic Size: Larger graphics are produced with no seams.

Glare: No glare, which is always more appealing.

Storage and Shipping: Light-weight, tube-packed frame and folded fabric reduces shipping size.

Quick Install: No professional installers.

Versatility: SEG fabric can be suspended, wall mounted, free-standing, backlit or non-lit. It can be applied to most displays and end caps.

Care: Fabric graphics can be washed and steamed.

Humidity Resistant: No warping or peeling.

Durability: No dings on corners or creases on boards.

Green: Recyclable, other than transportation and storage.

USA Made: Aluminum is extruded and manufactured in the U.S.


You can easily see the advantages of SEG fabric prints over ridged fabric.