There are many applications for fabric graphics, so unleash your own creativity and think of wall-mounts, free-standing, suspended, integrated and structural displays. We will work with you to make it happen.


There are two kinds of SEG frames. Choose from backlit to non-lit to best showcase your business or products.


Light-weight, large-sized Wall-Mount fabric graphics will be focal points in offices, on shop floors, or at trade shows.


Free-Standing Displays of SEG products grab the attention of customers or visitors. They are a unique solution for trade shows and some offices. They can be moved quickly, with a minimum of time and trouble.


Suspended Displays offer versatility and a unique way of showing off products.


Our Integrated Image application takes SEG fabric frames to a multi-use application.


Our Structural Displays are the trade-show solution that you have always wanted. Light-weight, easy-t0-assumble, with no professional help necessary, the displays are creatively crafted to make you stand out on the floor.


Multi-Purpose: Our displays easily serve more than one purpose. Convert your trade-show booth to an equally attractive retail store environment.


Sports: From arena walls to stadium suites, SEG fabric prints showcase players and their big plays, reliving sports moments in history and exciting fans visit after visit. Images are easily removed and new prints go in the same frames.